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Funded Heat Pump Solutions
from Kensa Heat Pumps and
My Green Heating Company

Policy up date - RHI

As we approach the 8th of April we are now moving into a new area of RHI funding. The 8th of April is the very last date for registration off legacy RHI payments and many landlords have been able to complete these before the legacy registration date closes.

Ofgem did accept that as social landlords we could use EPC's instead of GDA's, this welcome move has meant that many landlords have been able to benefit from the RHI funding.

Our problem as we know, is that whilst we would like to install renewable heating the cost differential means that this is not always possible. So why are we looking to install renewable heating, several reasons including, lower carbon, support through RHI funding, lower running costs when installed correctly and finally "The Future of Heating".

In 2012, DECC published The Future of Heating, Edward Davey - Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change set out the changes required to meet the future requirements for heating designed to deliver low carbon heating.

One of the many challenges from DECC was to build a low carbon market for low carbon heating with Ed Davey confirming "Gas heating accounts for 80% of our heating and that position is not sustainable, we need to start building the market for low carbon and renewable heat now, both to achieve our goal of supplying 15% of UK energy from renewables by 2020 and to deliver affordable, efficient low carbon heat in the future"

To help meet this challenge head-on two manufacturers, Dimplex and Kensa professional CSA members, have developed funding models that meet this additional cost.

Both companies offer funded solutions for heat pumps and will be jointly presenting these solutions at a technical seminar to be held on the 14th May in Exeter with CSA members Teign Housing and Trent and Dove.

Technical Seminar hosted by
Dimplex and Kensa

Date: 14 May 2015 - 09.00

Registration Venue: Buckerell Lodge Hotel, Topsham Road, Exeter

Keynote speaker: Lord Taylor of Goss Moor, Chairman National Housing Federation.


The event is free to CSA members with limited capacity so early registration is essential via this link: Funded Heat Pumps Technical Seminar  

Ed Davey
Secretary of
State for
Energy and
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